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This looks like a great community and I am sure it can help me improve! I started this wonderful sentinel journey very recently so pls forgive my newbieness while i join the dots. I am doing an assignment and would like to find a pythonic way to calculate ndvi from an l2a product generated by sen2cor.

but before… some context - I calculated ndvi on a L1C product and I assume that it can be improved by looking at the boa reflectances although it can give a pretty good idea. Is this correct?

Can you point me to a Python script that can help me generate ndvi (ideally with color map) from sen2cor l2a output?

This exercise will definitely not be easy for a newbie lke me, but will help me understand more!

Is your question solved by now? :wink:

I have a doubt in this regarding…
To compute NDVI should we carry out sen2cor and then compute NDVI or can we directly compute NDVI from the L1C product?
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This issue is well explained in the following posts, please have a look,


sen2cor converts L1C products into L2A

Evaluation of Sentinel-2 Red-Edge Bands for Empirical Estimation of Green LAI and Chlorophyll Content

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I went through the threads @falahfakhri… So u suggest carrying out sen2cor and covert into a L2A product and then compute NDVI?

Yes, exactly, especially when you have a comparison of multi-date,

I installed the standalone sen2cor processor in my windows OS. Have installed the plugins in SNAP too. But, I couldnt run the process. Could you help me with this if you have carried out sen2cor earlier in windows environment?

I explained it in the following post, pleas take a look at the part of the installation and implementation of sen2cor

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