Sen2cor not working with multi tiles Sentinel-2 images

Hi, I have Sen2Cor version 2.4 installed with SNAP 6.0. The atmospheric correction works fine when one tile image used. The used file normally with title MTD_MSIL1C.xml. The images from 2016 have sometimes multi tiles (with size 5-7 GB) can be downloaded from copernicus open access hub. I tried to use different xml files but most of cases without no success. The error message showing the following:
Any one have any suggestion or idea?

The error says access is denied - check your permissions.

I already did. It works with one tile image. but with the multi tiles image, any used xml will give similar error.

If you look closely it fails when the process tries to rename a directory.

the new files are already produced but they are empty.

I agree that it is related to writing permissions of the script. You could trying to run SNAP with administrator privileges.

Yes it is working with admin. privileges. thanks all :slight_smile: