Sen2cor not working

Hi ! i am having this problems when trying to perform Atmospheric correction with the SNAP V. 6

I think that you are not using the right version: in version 6 we have added some parameters to the sen2cor plugin interface and it should look like the image below:

Please, check the version or try to install again version 6. Then, you have to install the sen2cor plugin (Tools->Plugins->Available plugins…). Then, I suggest you install the sen2cor stand-alone directly from the plugin: Tools->Manage External Tools-> sen2cor -> edit -> Bundled binaries -> Download and Install now

Some notes on updating sen2cor which might help you doing what obarrilero suggested: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

Thank you very much for your respond @obarrilero and @ABraun but still after following the process it does not work, is now showing me another problem as shown below

Did you see my comments on installing sen2cor in SNAP 6ß Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

yes i did as you said, but still not working


could you please upload the log file for analysing the problem?
Perhaps it is a connection problem. Are you using a proxy?

here is the file

S2A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC_20160622T213624_R079_V20160622T095928_20160622T095928.xml (65.8 KB)