sen2cor on Mac OSx

Hi all,

I’m trying to use sen2cor. I’ve installed SNAP today, and then tried to install sen2cor according to the setup.pdf, including installing anaconda. I’ve then installed through tools>plugins in SNAP, however when I try and run it on an image, I get an error that SEN2COR_HOME and SEN2COR_BIN are not set?

Any suggestions to solve this?



SEN2COR_HOME and SEN2COR_BIN are defined in the System Variables section of the adapter editor. The adapter editor should open right after you have the message saying SEN2COR_HOME and SEN2COR_BIN are not set.

The values you have to set for SEN2COR_HOME and SEN2COR_BIN variables are explained in the setup.pdf you can find here:

There are a few graphical problems with the “adapter editor” on Mac OSx with the Beta8 but you should be able to edit these variables anyway.

Hi Nicolas,

working with the beta8 version I was facing the same problem as hek17.
Unfortunately, I am unable to edit the SEN2COR_BIN value in the “adapter editor” (it always returns to an empty cell after editing).
I also found that the GDAL_DATA location indicated in the SETUP.pdf (by telespazio) does not correspond with L2A_Bashrc setting.

GDAL_DATA: this is a pointer to the directory
where the GDAL coordinate system info is stored. This is located
in the “site-packages/osgeo/data/gdal” folder of Anaconda. Do not
change this.
export GDAL_DATA=/Users/wulf/anaconda/share/gdal

Do you have any clues?


Hi Henrik,

Your problem with SEN2COR_BIN is a known issue (see It will be fixed in the next version, for the moment you will have to edit the .snap/etc/ file in your home directory.
I don’t know about the GDAL_DATA location but you shouldn’t need to change this. May be @umwilm has an idea.

dear User,
the entry given in the L2A_Bashrc for GDAL_DATA is the correct one. The sentence in the setup.pdf is wrong. I will update the setup.pdf with the correct information. Thank you for pointing to that issue.