Sen2Cor Output-SAFE-Directory-Name


I recently updated my sen2cor to version 2.8.

After successfully processing one L1C scene, I became an output SAFE directory that has some differences in its name compared to the output of the previous version.
First, the baseline in the name was replaced by N999 instead of taking the baseline of the input.
Second, the date and time at the end of the SAFE-directory name corresponds to my sen2cor processing time.

Whether the new name makes more sense than the last, is not what I want to discuss here.
I just want to ask if it is possible to define the output SAFE directory name, so that the only difference between the L1C and L2A SAFE directory names stays “MSIL1C” vs.“MSIL2A”.

Kind regards,

Even the retrieval of the output SAFE directory name after the process would be very helpful.