Sen2Cor source code on GitHub + change logging folder


Is there any word on allowing Sen2Cor source code to be put on GitHub to allow for people to submit pull requests when small bugs are fixed? I found one issue here from two years ago with no response. I think a lot of people would find this helpful, and I (along with my labmates) do not understand why the source code is gate-kept to a degree.

In addition, while I am very appreciative of the user guide it is simply not helpful with some of its explanations, and I am constantly confused. For example, in a previous topic I had to do a workaround for DEM merging, which could have easily been changed with a GitHub pull request.

Change default log folder output for sen2cor?

Similarly, and for the second part of this topic, I wanted to change the default logger output folder that Sen2Cor uses, but the only thing the user guide says is to change the logger to be “NOTSET”, “DEBUG”, etc in the L2A_GIPP.xml file. This does not tell you how to change the output directory; instead, I had to go to the file, yet once there it is entirely unclear from the code where the parameters are pulled from (for clarification, this is an error when running on a high-powered computer cluster, not a standard laptop or desktop).

General conclusion for github

In short, having this on GitHub would be of great benefit to all users for the reasons mentioned above, let alone the ability for us to process L1C images to “official” ESA L2A images on our own instead of waiting for ESA to back-process L1C imagery prior to December 2018 for several regions (see Google Earth Engine developers’ reasons for why this L2A imagery is not available in GEE here and here).

If putting this on GitHub is not possible, can we please have an explanation as to why it’s not, especially if there are currently few plans to backprocess imagery L2A imagery at a global scale prior to December 2018 (see discussion here)?

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