SEN2COR tool

the location is not the problem.
The problem is probably that when you type “python install” for the sen2cor installation not the Anaconda2 python is executed but the ArcMap or QGIS python. And this often leads to the 64/32bit error.

To see which python version is used mainly by your system you can enter “python” in your command shell.

Each version of python has its own folder called “site-packages”.
So you should find sen2cor in C:\Anaconda2\lib\site-packages.

they are created automatically when you install the software.
Have a look at your PATH variable and try to move the Anaconda-path in front of the others. But be careful. Each entry must be separated by a ; (at least in Windows versions < 10). In Windows 10 you have a horizontal list with single entries

Thanks for all…I will try…

If you can not, I will uninstall the other programs.

Another question: When I try to calculate vegetation indexes, I also get an error related to buffer creation …

this refers to the memory of your computer. How much RAM do you have?

You don’t need to uninstall all other programs, just temporarily remove their PATH variable or move the Anaconda one up before installing sen2cor so this python version will be used for the creation of sen2cor.

Did you find sen2cor in C:\Anaconda2\lib\site-packages?

Hi. Sorry I was offline for the last few days because I was too busy with another activity. As I said I uninstall the other applications. Now when I thought everything was fine … When I put sen2cor running, nothing happens …Other problem…

And the problem of vegetation index … I use 2GB…

did you adjust the Python variable?

Please help me. I’m more than a week trying to install sen2cor and nothing … One mistake after another … This was the last …

please type pip list in your command line and see if glymur is listed.
If not, type pip install glymur

Also found here:

I’m pretty sure you’ll find the solutions in this forum. But I can’t help you when you don’t answer my questions from above.

Yes…Now I Install the glymur…I’ll try to run again.

Soory…Error again

then its related to the python variable as I assumed above.

Sorry…How can I adjust the variables?

I ajust like this

There is no problem with the variables …

I meant your system’s variables regarding python.

Can you type PATH in your command line and post what you get?

thank you. Hm, no other python versions which could cause errors.

If this is still the error: Can you find osgdal.array in

Thanks, I trust find but I cant…

in this case your installation could be incomplete.
I would try uninstalling sen2cor and installing it again as described in the manual.

Thanks…I trust it many times…
I will give up…
Is it possible use SNAP in windows 10, 2GB mem. RAM???

Can you help me please … This work is very important to me … Can you calculate “BOA” and send me the images in GEO tiff and I continue the work in Envi or ArcGis.