Sen2Cor v2.8 reprocessing

does anyone know if it is possible for this new version not to process the same products again? For example I run the “L2A_Process xxx” one time and it finishes successfully. When I run it again there is no message like before “Resolution 10m already processed…etc.”, but the tool is reprocessing everything!

Is it possible for new version of Sen2Cor to work like the older versions?


And that’s not the only problem, processing baseline is now by default not the same as input L1C file, and timestamp is also not the same…the ending timestamp now corresponds to the time the granule was processed, thats probably why this thing from the first message is not working…

Input L1C:
Output L2A:

I don’t see how this can be an improvement, and why is there a need to change this trivial things that functioned good so far, only to break people’s workflow…