Sen2cor (Version: 2.5.5) cannot handle old metadata format

Despite comments here that older S2 metadata files should be handled by the current sen2cor version 2.5.5,
I experience problems with old metadata formats, i.e. these are not processed.

Here’s two file IDs to test:

(no problems:)

(sen2cor fails: “Product metadata file cannot be read.”):

I just tried the second and it works like charm:

Thanks for testing. After re-downloading the scene, it run through fine…
So no issues with old metadata formats :slight_smile:

good to hear! :slight_smile:


i have the same problem with old metadata file. i currently redownload the file (S2A_MSIL1C_20160706T024552_N0204_R132_T49MCN_20160706T030716.SAFE) in and running that file with Sen2Cor-02.10.01-win64 and it fail with “Product metadata file cannot be read.”
does anybody knows how can I fix this? I would really appreciate the help.

or should i process the file with Sen2Cor_v2.9 or Sen2Cor_v2.5.5?