Sen2cor version number in metadata?

Does anyone know where the version number of the sen2cor software is stored in the metadata of the L2A output? It is NOT PROCESSING_BASELINE, afaik.


Dear @glemoine,

Please have a look to point 9 of Sen2Cor FAQ:

The Version of Sen2Cor used for processing a L2A can be found in:

The L2A_Quality.xml file within the L2A_Product\GRANULETILE_NAME\QI_DATA\ (Since Version 2.10 or PB 04.00)
e.g.: <report gippVersion=“02.11.00”…

the MTD_MSIL2A.xml, e.g.:
<GIPP_FILENAME type=“GIP_L2ACSC” version=“21003”>S2__OPER_GIP_L2ACSC_MPC__20220121T000003_V20220125T022000_21000101T000000_B00</GIPP_FILENAME>
<GIPP_FILENAME type=“GIP_L2ACAC” version=“21003”>S2__OPER_GIP_L2ACAC_MPC__20220121T000004_V20220125T022000_21000101T000000_B00</GIPP_FILENAME>

Version = “Mmmpp” with “M”= major version, “mm” = minor version, “pp” = patch, e.g. version=“21003” stands for “Sen2Cor Version 2.10.03”