Sen2cor vs SNAP

I am new to Sentinel processing toolboxes and SNAP. So I appreciate if somebody make it clear for me that:

1- I assume SNAP full installation will include all processing required to convert Level 1C to Level 2A plus some other tasks in an interactive way, step by step.
2- I assume Sen2cor do Level 1C to Level 2A conversion as a whole task without user intervention via command line, as a SNAP plug-in, or through pyCharm python IDE.

Is the above true? I mean, the only difference is that in SNAP we do it step by step interactively but in Sen2cor it is automated batch-able procedure?

Overall, this is true but let me clarify a few things.
Sen2Cor needs to be installed in any case as stand-alone tool. Additionally, a plugin must be installed which adapts the tool to SNAP. With this adapter installed Sen2Cor is usable from the command line via gpt.
After providing the processing parameters no interaction is required for sen2cor.
If you want to process just a few scenes, then the SNAP plugin is fine. But if you want to process many scenes, I suggest using sen2cor directly without the SNAP adapter. Except you want to setup a processing chain with multiple steps.

Many thanks for your reply. I tried Sen2Cor V2.10 standalone on a L1C 2022 scene (without any additional option) and it worked! Then I added --tiff option but it failed saying that “NameError: global name ‘CogConverter’ is not defined”. I looked for this issue on SNAP forum but there was no guidance. How can I solve it?

Also, I tried another scene from 2016 and Sen2cor 2.10 said to me that “Product metadata file cannot be read.” I think it may be because the Sen2Cor 2.10 can only process newer files. Then I downloaded and tried Sen2Cor 2.05, but I immediately got the error “File not found - L2A_GIPP.xml” without any further processing! How can I solve it? And how can I know which Sentinel-2 L1C scene can be fed to which version of Sen2cor?

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Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. I have never used sen2cor. Maybe someone else has some hints for you