sen2cor writes invalid metafiles


the log of Sen2cor showed that some of the meta files it is writing are invalid. I assume this is the reason why opening the L2A product in SNAP does not work properly (now choice of resolution as with the L1C product, some bands are not reflectance factors but outputs of the classification).

Here the report/ log file: L2A_20151007T205344_report.xml (140.4 KB)

I’m using sen2cor 2.0.4 on Win7/64 bit and SNAP 2.0 beta 7.


Hi Benjamin, my log files look exactly like yours (invalid metadata file messages), but at least I can open the resulting images in the SNAP toolbox. But there is also no choice of the reader to use, if I calculate the sen2cor (v2.0.4) for the 10m resolution, only the 10m bands are shown (although all are calculated).

Additionally, as I wrote in this topic, the corrected images are still shown to me as upside down in SNAP, although the image files itself are correct. There still seem to be some problems with the metadata.