Sen2cor2.3.1 using windows

TOA unprocessed images requiring surface/ atmospheric correction ready for NDVI and NBR analysis. How to install and process S2 images… Cheers

How To Install:

Manual & Release Note:

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Thanks a lot for this version of Sen2Cor which seems to work, but when I run it on SNAP, I’m having the error described below; do you know how I can solve this path problem? Thanks a lot for the reply

usage: [-h] [–resolution {10,20,60}] [–sc_only] [–cr_only]
[–refresh] [–GIP_L2A GIP_L2A]
directory error: unrecognized arguments: D:\S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20161022T074327_R012_V20150921T173106_20150921T173106.SAFE
Finished tool execution in 1 seconds

Also, I tried to shorten the folder and file names but I keep having the same error

please have a look at the new sen2cor version 2.4 standalone installer

You should uninstall the sen2cor plugin first I guess.

Hello Sir,

My installation in sen2cor was successful because of your inputs to make the errors be corrected. But when I process sen2cor in SNAP software, I encountered this kind of error. What do you think the cause of error of this?

The Answer to the error is already given in the output: the input product must have the correct Filename and must end with “.SAFE", not with ".SAFE_Y_but_hazed”