Sen2Coral, DeptInvariantIndices Processor Issue

Dear colleagues:

Windows10, 32 GByte RAM, SNAP 8.0.3, S2TBX 8.0.2

The calculation of the DepthInvariantIndices does not provide any result.

The S2-L2A dataset was subsetted (by Geo coordinates) and resampled (10m).
The vector data container for the ‘deep’- and ‘sameType’-areas were defined.

The DepthInvarianIndices are to be determined using bands 2 and 3.

The determination of the indices does not provide a meaningful result. All pixels have NaN values.

Am I making a mistake here or is this a software bug?

The same problem has already been described by Javio in December 2019 (“Problem using DeptInvariantIndices Processor of Sen2Coral”).

Best regatds, Volkmar