Sen2Coral not available in SNAP 9

Hi all!
I’ve been using SNAP 8 with Sen2coral Toolbox plugin actively, but recently I’ve made a new installation of SNAP 9, and I couldn’t find Sen2coral in available plugins list. I uninstalled SNAP 9 and installed SNAP 8 with all updates. Again, there was no Sen2coral in plugins list. Only after uninstalling SNAP 8 and re-installing it with updates turned off, I could find and install the Sen2coral plugin.
So does Sen2coral support SNAP 9? This is a critical question for me, as I need both the latest SNAP 9 functionality and Sen2coral plugin.
Thanks for answers!

@FlorianD please take care of Sen2Coral plugins deployment for SNAP 9.

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@stepanosokin please check now the available plugins in SNAP 9.


Now everything OK, sen2coral is in the list.
Thank You so much, @oana_hogoiu !