Sen2Coral Processing Error

Hi All,
I am relatively new to SNAP and when running sen2coral processing algorithm even after choosing the bands properly i get the following error!
org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: Error when reading Sun glint areas in . It must contain at least one polygon.
The above error is consistent with all the processing i try to run in sen2coral processing plugin.
any guidance will be very helpful for my research to progress forward.
Attached the screen shot of the error log . SEVERE error when connecting to worldwind/mapcache
please let me know if somebody has a workaround or has faced the same problem and overcome it somehow!

thanks and regards,
praveen Ingale

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Sorry for not helping.
I need Sen2coral toolbox for my thesis but I can’t find this tool as sen2cor or other tools of SNAP.
Could you help me!

I’m not sure if there is a download for sen2coral, but on the github page it explained how you can build it on your own.

@marpet . I have tried the same but after importing it into snap as a plugin and tried executing as mentioned in the manual but all the algorithms give the same error.
Anybody who has got it to run the inputs will be very helpful.

@obarrilero , can you help?
There seems to be no other contact point for sen2coral issues. Only the issue tracker at github


sen2coral is a project in development, we are still developing and validating the algorithms.
If you want to test it, you can do it but you have to build it from the sources and install it in SNAP.

The error with the Deglint processor is because you have not selected the sun glint areas. You have to select these areas by using the “polygon drawing tool” in SNAP and enter into the text field the name of these polygons:

Please, see the help pages in SNAP for more information about the algorithm.

Thanks a lot …that tip helped a lot :slight_smile:

Hello, I have encountered this problem… please can you help me?