Sen2core 2.8.00 and last Downloaded Tiles

for information:

I had problems with Sen2core processing with latest files downloaded today on the Copernicus Hub.
when launching Sen2core 2.8.00 I had several errors.

Finally, after some try & error, I managed to launch Level 2A compilation by Sen2core… But to make it work I had:
1- create into root directory of product the folder “AUX_DATA” which was missing.
2 - For some unzipped product, I had to copy “QI_DATA” folder of another product into “…\DATASTRIP\DS_EPA__xxxxxxxxxx” folder.

For the first folder no problem because it’s an empty folder, however for the second one it contains quality information inherent to satelitte instruments and I have no idea if change between each pass is significant !?

Hoping it could helps somebody else…

Edit: First time I’ve used Peps downloader to get all products, so this time, I have downloaded again product which “QI_Data” was missing directly from copernicus hub… and now all folder was here (“AUX_DATA” too). All work fine know but I don’t know if it was a bug from copernicus server or a problem with peps-downloader !?