Sen2core does not run on linux mint

Hello everybody,
I run a Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-bit operating system and I installed anaconda2 ( $ conda -V equals conda 4.3.22) and sen2cor 2.3.1. The reason why I installed anaconda2 instead of anaconda3 (the newest product) is, that several posts in this forum state that only this version of anaconda works. (I initially also installed anaconda3, had several error messages while trying to install sen2cor, removed it and installed anaconda2, and installed sen2cor 2.3.1).
After eliminating an error regarding unspecified paths with this post Start L2A_Process on Ubuntu Server
I was able to start the process, but several other error messages were displayed, as attached in the text file, which contains the command I used to start the process, as well as everything computed. You can see, that the process is never properly ended/terminated but simply hangs itself. The S2A_USER_PRD_… file is also created but is empty. Is there anything I am missing?
Help would be greatly appreciated!

Code_plus_error (1.9 KB)