Sen2Three only successfull for 10m bands

Hey there!
As described in the caption, sen2three does work but only for the visible and the NIR bands.
Whenever I try to process the remaining bands, “fatal errors” occur.

So I was wondering that the relation between the sen2cor preprocessing and the sen2three processing is…?
In my case I preprocessed the data to a 10m resolution, does this in consequence mean, that only these bands can be used as an input for sen2three?

Thanks for advice!


EDIT: While showing no error in processing sen2three 10m products cannot be opened properly.

i performed sen2three succesfully for 10m bands (i didnn;t try for 20 or 60m) but i cant open this image in SNAP eg. I import xml something is happen but image doesn’t load to SNAP ;]


@kiryl23 Same here. No error message was printed but I can’t properly use the results neither…

Would be glad getting some Input from the experts here.


Hello. Sen2Cor is receiving L1C products and creating products of level 2A which can be given as input for Sen2Three, and the result should be a product of level 3. On my side, I tested Sen2Three with the products available on the documentation page of Sen2Three ( for 60m, and SNAP was able to open the resulting product. If you are using other products, you must make sure that the products (L2A inputs and L3 output) have the correct format, according to:
Sentinel-2 Level 2A Product Format: [L2A-PFS] S2-PDGS-MPC-L2A-PFS [14.2].pdf
Level 3 User Product format inside Sen2Three user manual
I had a similar issue and I observed that the L3 product was missing the files inside GRANULE/GRANULE_NAME/IMG_DATA/R60m/, so it was not correctly created by Sen2Three.
Also, please make sure you are using the latest versions of Sen2Cor/Sen2Three (in the previous versions, there was an incompatibility issue)

Good morning, everyone,

I had no issues with sen2three. I only processed 60m and the file structure looks good and complete. I did not open it in SNAP because I further process them in python.