Sen2Three problems with opening the L3 data

Hi everyone,

I processed the Sentinel L2A data with Sen2Three version 1.0.1. As written below the process was terminated successfully:

I used the test data (Sen2Three_Testdata_L2A). Unfortunately, I could not open the L3 data in SNAP. I got this error message:

Could you please suggest what might have gone wrong? Thanks!


I’m not sure what goes wrong. Either Sen2Three writes the product wrong or S2TBX is reading it wrong.
I assume that you have the latest S2TBX updates installed.

@obarrilero, @kraftek, @umwilm, @Nicolas
Can you check this, please.

Thank you for your replay.
I use S2TBX 5.0.4


What product are you using? Sen2Three does not support PSD14 products at the moment.

n1:Level-2A_User_Product xmlns:n1=“

I used the test data from the following webpage:

Hi Martyna,

could you please upload the report file generated by sen2three and the granule metadata of the L3 product?

Of course. Below please find the data: (77.6 KB)

Thank you Martyna,

I have analyzed the files and it seems that some metadata items have changed in the version 1.0.1. I have modified the L3 reader to be able to manage this, it should be fixed with the coming module update.
Meanwhile, it should work properly if you modify manually the granule metadata file in line 9530: replace the PVI filename “S2A_USER_PVI_L03_TL_MTI__20150812T154929_A000534_T32UMA” by “S2A_USER_PVI_L03_TL_MTI__20150812T154929_A000534_T32UMA_8”


Thank you very much Omar!

I can display the data.