Sen2three testdata ZIP broken?

With great interest we saw that sen2three Version 1.0.0 is now available:

But the ZIP file of the testdata seems to be broken (cannot be unzipped, no end-of-file signature is found which is important for ZIP files). Got the upload perhaps corrupted? I tried on different machines.


Hello. Thank you for your interest; it seems the archive file is corrupted. We try to fix this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can try the 7-zip tool, even if it gave errors, it unzipped the file for me.

Thanks for the hint! 7z reports:

Path =
Type = zip
Unexpected end of archive
Physical Size = 4615548388

but it seems that I could extract most of it.

I tried to open with 7-zip, but the test data remains corrupted:

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Hello. I just replaced the archive with a new one. can you, please, check it?

The is okay.
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