Sen3 subset, error "...already contains a band with the name 'confidence_in_duplicate"


I use Snap 7.0 and want to produce a subset of a Sentinel 3 product. I focus on a geografical region and on special bands.

The original Sentinel 3 product is: S3B_SL_2_LST____20190626T192455_20190626T210554_20190628T010541_6059_027_042______LN2_O_NT_003

I can open the product in SNAP and can see all the different bands:

After that I created a subset graph. Here is the xml:

I execute that graph and get the info, that the process completed:

When I look into the folder, I can see a result (*.dim file and a new folder):

I can select the new subset file in Snap (via File-open):

…but it doesn´t open in SNAP and I get an error:

I don´t understand this error. Can anyone help, please?

Best regards

Could any one help with this? It’s a very simple and well described test case. Could the error be caused by running out of RAM during the subset?

Thanks. I´d add the info, that I tried this on several computers with Win 10, even with a total fresh installation of SNAP 7, with at least 16 MB RAM and at most 32 MB RAM (with Core-i5 to Ryzen 7). SNAP was configured for use with Python 3.6.

Also: the error doesn´t appear, when I use the GUI to produce subset of a Sentinel 3 product (Raster > Subset).