Sentinel 1 acquisitions misaligned in SNAP Viewer

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Sentinel 1 acquisitions on the same track over the same area at successive times (12 days apart) the one swath is skewed. Seems as if the skewing started in July 2019 and ended by February 2020. After February 2020 the swaths went back to being rectangles like they were before July 2019.

Swaths in image from snap:

I’m hoping someone can help me since this seems to be the cause of my DINSAR time-series sub-regions being misaligned. Is this likely to happen or is this a problem with the meta-data in the acquistrions or a problem with the SNAP world view?

as long as all images are from the same track (relative orbit), this is ok and you can proceed. Probably only the calculation of the footprint was not correct.

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