Sentinel-1 classification google earth engine


I’m trying to do crop classification of the sentinel 1 images in the google earth engine, but I’m not able to do, This is for my Maters project, but unfortunately stopover here due to lack of knowledge. I’m requesting you could you please help me for my masters project to overcome the classification of sentinel 1 images by giving the google earth code instructions. If anyone have the code please help me.

thanking you,
Radha Saradhi.

I once found a nice blog post which could be a start:
It makes use of the multi-temporal standard deviation of each pixel to mask areas with high seasonality (crop areas in this case).

But please be aware that this forum is mainly intended to discuss problems related to the toolboxes by the European Space Agency (SNAP and also PolSARpro lately).

You might be more lucky searching the GEE developers forum.!forum/google-earth-engine-developers
There are lots of examples, use the search function, combine pieces of code you find there. You rather can’t expect the users there to provide you the full solution to your case. It also makes me wonder why you selected it as your masters project before you made sure that you can solve it somehow.