Sentinel-1 Co-registration Multiprocessing Error. Failed to read DIMAP xml header. Database already in use: Locked by another process

I have written some software around the SNAP functions to co-register S1 scenes. This has been working on our computers (which are essentially gaming laptops) without problem. We have recently purchased a server to run this one (see specs in second photo, running 64bit windows 10 pro, python3.6 via Spyder).

I am having trouble running some of the processes that use the multiprocessing (via Pool) functionality. It possibly looks like when one of the pooled processes starts it locks the snap functions (I can confirm a lock file appears in product-library folder) and then the other processes cannot initiate. I have tried to implement the multiprocessing via a number of different syntax’s which make no difference.

I have read articles online which provide some instructions on how to use server mode but I cannot see anything in the configuration files in the snappy folder. I do not know Java and are not sure how to get around this - any suggestions?


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