Sentinel-1 Data Downloading Issues


I am having issues when downloading Sentinel-1 IW data. Once the download of the data is complete, I am unable to open the .zip file in Windows. I receive an error stating the file is invalid and contains no files. I believe this may be a checksum error, and may be caused by problems when downloading. I have tried downloading the files using Chrome and Firefox, and have had the same issues in each case. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Are there any fixes to this problem?

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list [one of] the files that have a problem and I can check if I have the same issue. The people who manage the scihub are not the same as the ones for the s1tbx, so you may have to pass on the problem to the other channel.

Hi Glemoine,

Thank you for looking into this issue. One of the products which I am attempting to download is listed below:


The sensor is IW, and product type is SLC. The acquisition took place on August 06 2015. I have attempted other files as well and have received the same error when opening the .zip file.

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There is a 4 Gb size limit to standard zip/unzip. SLC files are often > 4 Gb.

Check out how to install a zip utility with the Zip64 extension.

I am a linux user, but I found this for Windows:


Thank you for the help. I am attempting to unzip from a NTFS drive and using a 64bit program (7zip) and still receiving the same error. I am wondering if there may be an issue with either the file or during the download?

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Download of to linux and unzip work OK, so there is nothing wrong with the ZIP archive, I guess.

File size is indeed > 4 Gb (4860222236 bytes on my disk).

You can’t use Windoze for any serious work, so maybe move to linux :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions. May I ask a few other questions that may help identify the problem? What are you using to handle the download (ie: What browser or download client?). When you download the file, are you clicking the download icon, or adding to your cart and then downloading from there?

Firefox. I directly click the download link (i.e. no cart).

Normally, I use command line wget though, for scripted download sessions (which run in crontab).
For your file, this would be:

wget'8cd7710f-ac97-404b-9aa4-b2154b7601a4')/%24value -O

(change SCIHUBUSER and SCIHUBPASSWD for your own credentials)