Sentinel-1 data gaps in China and Russia

What is the cause of data gaps in Sentinel-1 for specific areas in China or Russia?

This is an example of baselines for one of the AOIs in China. After August 11, 2022, there are only 5 products that cover the AOI (37.981206319392975, 105.6540709785859).
The last product that was recorded according to the schedule was the product from April 13th. Up until that point, the intervals between products were 12 days. After that, the data started to appear at intervals that were multiples of 12 days.

ESA has been trying to cover as much of the Earth as possible with the single Sentinel-1A satellite, since the loss of Sentinel-1B in December 2021. They have had to reduce coverage in some areas to be able to cover other areas that were previously covered by Sentinel-1B.

Thank you so much for the explanation. That was not clear to me, because S1B stopped working in December, but the problem with data acquisition over Russia and China appeared in April.
I guess that was a month when S1A was modified to optimise data acquisition for the EU area.