Sentinel-1 data preprocessing

While calibrating the sentinel 1 data, why there comes black screen after sigma 0?

you mean after the calibration? You can use the image statistics tool to see if the raster is empty or not. Sometimes, only the contrast needs to be adjusted in the color manipulation tab.

I am doing the pre-processing of Sentinel 1 SLC data in SNAP.

While calibrating the VV POLARISED intensity, I am just getting the blank screen and not getting any image. And this is happening only for IW1,IW2,IW3 VV polarization channel.

For HV Polarization I am getting the output.

So, please solve this problem I am not able to rectify it, I have searched it a lot.

what about my question on the contrast? Did you check if the raster has values?

How to check the contrast?

I did not find color manipulation tab?

in the color manipulation tab you see if the raster is empty or not.

View > Tool Windows > Color Manipulation

Unit: intensity

Its, this.

Before multilooking, the image is coming but when after multilooking, calibration(radiometric) is done it is not showing anything.

then it is not blank, only the value range is too large for the greyscale.

click on the image icon to stretch the colours over a reasonable range.

Not coming anything after clicking on 95% icon.

have you seen this range?
Unit: intensity

If it was empty, I would expect min0 max0. I have no Idea what is wrong then.

do I need to calibrate first and then do multilooking for VV polarization?

But for VH polarization also I have done the calibration later after performing the multilooking, then I am not getting any 0 values.

yes, calibration before multilooking. The polarization doesn not matter here.

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yes, when I have done basic:
the minimum value is 0 and max is also 0.
The display range.
I was looking in sliders there was the range which have told u earlier.
So now what to do if min and max value is 0?

I have no explanation for this, sorry.
What is the name of your product?

It is SLC Sentinel 1 data.

I meant the full product name so I can find it online and test it myself.


I’m new here.

I have a similar issue where I’m working on Python (on an Azure VM) using snappy to pre-process the GRD tile of Sentinel-1. However I’m stuck when trying to view the pre-processed image on Jupyter notebook.

I tried downloading the .dim file to my system to view it on SNAP, I get a blank screen. Do I have to download the .img file (which is 2.5 GB) too?

Thank you.

yes the BEAM DIMAP format consists of both the dim file and the data folder. Both are required in this structure to be opened in SNAP.