Sentinel-1 data taking longer time to load

Through batch processing of S1 GRD data, I generated 11 backscatter images. These images are taking more than 15 minutes to load in SNAP. Sometimes it is even taking a longer time to load. But they are loading quickly in S1tbx. The raw GRD data and RADARSAT-2 data are also loading quickly in SNAP. I am using SNAP 7.

Did you install all the updates?

Yes. SNAP is updated. I created a subset of the image and tried. It worked. But the whole image is taking more time to load.

Please clarify, what do you mean they are loading quickly in S1TBX but not in SNAP?

When a product is opened in s1tbx, it is displayed in the image window quickly. But in SNAP it is taking longer time to load.

S1TBX is a module of SNAP - do you have two different SNAP installations with and without S1TBX?