Sentinel-1 Deburst

A problen ocrred during the target product initialisation.Type: 0peratorExcepti on

Message: Source product should first be deburst.

Debursting is a part of the preprocessing of SLC products. You cannot proceed with some operations unless you have debursted the product

Please have a look here: Radiometric & Geometric Correction Workflow


This is related to RAM, please have a look at these topics:"cannot%20construct%20data%20buffer"



please post your questions in English language

I want to extract the water body information. Do you have specific steps? There is also a reply about RAM, There is a problem with the URL link in it. There is no way to access it. Can you send the URL link again? Thank you.

it is a link to the forum’s search function. You can enter the error messages you get and search for answers like this because many error messages have been discussed and solved in other topics already.

You also find other topics on water body mapping: