Water Mask Threshold for bright vs. dark water bodies on the same SAR image

I have a hard time to define an appropriate water mask threshold where one water body looks too bright while others look too dark. This doesn’t allow me to give a low sigma0 range to the water bodies as usual. If I go with the brighter water mask threshold, several urban areas are misclassified as water.

Any suggestion how to handle this?


Why do you believe that bright area is water?
Maybe this can help

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The white color is water. its a man-made maintained water body. The other ones are natural.
I have already followed those steps with a little bit difference:

Radarsat2-SLC>> Range Doppler TC (calibration included to sigma0) >> Texture Analysis >> (for one area on linear sigma0, and for another area on sigma db) Water Thresholding by bandmath >> Filter by Arithmetic Mean

Plz correct me if sth is missed.