Sentinel-1 File Naming

Dear all,
at the Sentinel-1 file naming convention is described. The penultimate group of characters is the mission data-take identifier (DDDDDD) will be in the range 000001-FFFFFF.

I was searching the internet for some time to find an explanation of the meaning of this ID and how to retrieve information from it. I did not find any further documentation on that.

Does anybody know a document describing the meaning of the mission data take ID or can give me a hint?

Thank you very much in advance and best regards…

A data take is simply the time between the SAR is switched on and off. Each time this occurs the acquired is given an identifier which is one higher than the previous acquistion (in HEX) . If you have a look at the planning for S1-A or S1-B at and then click on a particular datatake in Google Earth (e.g. the edge of the red box for IW acquisitions you will see the datatake ID).