Sentinel-1 GRD Data Pre-processing Steps

How to prepare (Pre-processing) Sentinel-1 images (GRD Data) in SNAP for convolutional neural network

I read paper and find this steps.
Apply Orbit File
Thermal Noise Removal
Radiometric Calibration
Terrain Flattening
Speckle Filter
Terrain Correction

For that my first question is: This steps is right or No?

If someone know the correct steps for Pre-processing, please send for me.

The second question: After doing the last steps find this error (upload://ffen5j3ghRIJ4YTkcLn0w7qlADu.png)

How i can solve this error?

Please specify the error you encounter or formulate a question. Otherwise it’s hard for us to help.

thanks for your reply

the product was not downloaded correctly, please delete the file and download it again. You can check if the filesize of the product is smaller than the size of the other products which work correctly.

For the data processing, I’ve seen a few different workflows. You may need border noise removal after thermal noise removal.

Here’s a video of the processing

Image is from the following website.