Sentinel 1 GRD images of same orbit number one contains my area of interest other one does not

Hello everyone,
I understand the question I am about to ask is not directly related to SNAP. But something that has been creating issues in my development for quite sometime now. Hope someone finds time to read through.

I have two Sentinel 1 images of the same month, both GRD/IW and with same relative orbit number. The issue is one of them contains the area I am interested in but the other one return None when I try to subset it to the region of interested . I am doing Orbit-File-application, speckle filtering, terrain correction and then sub setting as my preprocessing steps. contains the area of interest. this one does not.

What could be the issue? How do I find the tiles that contains my area of interest, without gong through each of them manually? As there is no tile no. information in Sentinel 1 like Sentinel 2 I was hoping relative orbit number would help, But then I faced this. Is there a way to spot a difference in these two products before processing them? Any kind of help will be much appreciated.