Sentinel-1 GRD wind field estimation - how to retrieve latitude and longitude

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded Sentinel-1 GRD products for a study that concerns years 2014 and 2015. I managed to find a powerful computer to estimate wind field (could not be done otherwise) from these products via SNAP using wind field estimation tool, which creates a .csv file, among others, that contains the wind speed and wind heading (±180o uncertainty) but does not contain latitude and longitude. Instead, there are X and Y point values (the column is called “geometry”), which I think are pixels, counting from the lower left corner of the image. The problem is I cannot connect these points to the respective latitude and longitude.
How can I export these pairs of points (pixels) along with latitude and longitude?
Is there any other way around this problem? It is important for me to know the lat and long variables and their wind speed values.
I figured I can export WindField into a shapefile, but the problem is that I cannot do the export for multiple products (batch processing) automatically, and it would be really difficult to do it one-by-one.

What other info would you need to help you help me? :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, the lat/long coordinates are in the csv after the execution of wind field estimation but get lost after geocoding of the resulting image. Have you checked?

I made some tests here:

Sorry for the delayed answer. That was really helpful!!
Thank you very much!