Sentinel 1 GRDH footprints

Hi all

I’m trying to extract or create a shapefile or KML with the footprints of Sentinel 1 (S1A GRDH product).

Any suggestions??

(Thank you in advance)


Each S1 GRD/SLC/OCN product contain a preview in the preview/map-overlay.kml file.
This preview contains a quicklook of the product for SLC/GRD since the beginning of the mission, and for OCN as well (only for SM/IW/EW modes) since few month.

This preview contains the footprint of the product.

When displayed with Google Earth, it displays the quicklook overlaid on ground.
When displayed with QGIS (for instance) as a vector information, it display the footprint.
It can be converted into any other vector format using ogr2ogr (from gdal): ogr2ogr output.shp map-overlay.kml