Sentinel-1 H alpha Decomposition

Now I want to do H alpha decomposition to Sentinel-1 SLC data, and I don’t know the right processing steps.Could I do the process as follows?:

  1. read data
  2. Apply Orbit
  3. calibration
  4. deburst
  5. speckle filter
  6. H-alpha decomposition
  7. multilooking
  8. Terrain Correction
    Is it right? If not,please help me to know what is the right step. Thank you very much!

This is already available in here,

First,I am very appreciate your help. But I have another question: do I need multilook,and when should I do?Thank you !

Yes, I read your question if you continue read the whole post you’ll find out the answer😉

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Thank you very much!:smiley: