Sentinel 1 images on qgis


I wonder if you can use the images of the sentinel 1 in qgis and how it can be done.
I tried to follow the steps, radiometric calibration, terrain correction, and convert to geotiff, however when I open the picture in the qgis she has no values.


Luis Leitão


Calibrated S1 values are saved as floating point (also if you save to GEOTIFF). Most values are in the 0-1 range (typically between -25 to 0 dB for copolarised and -30 to -5 dB for cross-pol). I reckon you see a dark image outline in QGIS on first load) probably with white specks for strong scatterers). All you need to do is to scale the image (or first scale outside QGIS).



I am also curious about this: I hope to open sentinel 1 files in QGIS and do a landcover classification of these files. So far,I have downloaded the sentinel 1 files, and have calibrated, terrain corrected, and speckle filtered.

Does anyone know is this possible? I am completely lost.

Thank you,