Sentinel -1 multilooking false

data:IW SLC level-1
when I run multilooking process ,a problem occurred during processing the target product processing.
Type: OperatorException
Message:Multilook:The specified region, if not null,must intersect with the image’s bounds.
How i deal with it?

You will need to deburst TOPSAR IW data before multilooking. There should be a warning message - you may be using an older version.

Thanks for your reply,but I don’t know what the “deburst” means.

Please consult the toolbox help.

First,I deburst the data(IW SLC) and then use the product(*_Deburst) as the import date of multilook.But there exist a false:Can’t construct DataBuffer.
May I order wrong operation.
What should I do?

That error can be related to lack of memory issues - how much RAM do you have?

My computer’s RAM :2GB

Unfortunately 2GB is not sufficient to run the toolbox, even 4GB might be too little is some cases.