Sentinel-1 Orbit File Error and Oil Spill Detection

Hello to all

I have two problems with SNAP software. Please guide me.

1- I have added 3 Sentinel-1 images so far and it gives the following error for running? Why? I am connected to the Internet.

2- When I run Oil Spill Detection for a very small area, it does nothing, that is, it stays at 10% for about 3 hours.

and I update all plugins.

I don’t think all updates are installed correctly, because both problems can be tracked down to two very specific problems which have been fixed in recent updates.

  1. The Orbit file issue was discussed (and largely resolved) here: Orbit file timeout (March 2021) (the source for orbit files has been updated)
  2. The freezing of the Oil spill detection is caused by the changed location of SRTM 3Sec data which also has been fixed by a recent update: A process related to digital elevation models is taking forever to finish

Please check if you have installed SNAP 8 and then select menu > Help > Check for updates

You can check which version/update you are using via the menu > Help > About SNAP
It should be S1TBX version 8.0.3


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Hi dear @ABraun.

Thank you for your guidance. I updated SNAP to version 8.0.3 and the orbit file problem it was fixed.

But oil spill detection has been at this level for almost 3 hours. Is this usual?

(System configuration is reasonable) But this has worried me for a long time.

In advance thanks for your guidance.

have you tried to delete the DEMs in the aux folder as suggested in the FAQ entry? Corrupt downloads can affect the operator even after updating.

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I went to the following address and I deleted DEMs and run again, but it still did not change.

My image contains 4000 x 4000 pixels and has not changed from 29% for almost 2 hours.
Do you think I should wait longer?

have you tried to run the steps separately? This could help you identify at which point the workflow freezes.