Sentinel-1 orbit files and python

I am using the snappy python library to process sentinel imagery and had no problem up until looking at data from April 2021 onwards. I see that they have moved their orbital files to

Is there a way to update the snappy library to search for the orbit files from the right place?

for example, this was all I had to do originally to apply an orbit file

import snappy  
import jpy

def apply_orbit_file(raster):
    parameters = snappy.HashMap()
    parameters.put('Apply-Orbit-File', True)
    apply_orbit = snappy.GPF.createProduct('Apply-Orbit-File', parameters, raster)
    print("[INFO] Orbit File applied")

    return apply_orbit

then I could use this appy_orbit object and put it into the next tool in the sar preprocessing workflow

but instead I get his:

WARNING: org.esa.s1tbx.sar.gpf.orbits.ApplyOrbitFileOp: No valid orbit file found for 02-MAY-2021 19:39:49.000000
Orbit files may be downloaded from
and placed in C:\Users\ME\.snap\auxdata\Orbits\Sentinel-1\POEORB\S1A\2021\05
OpenSearch: AND platformnumber:A AND producttype:AUX_RESORB AND beginposition:[2021-05-01T00:00:000Z TO 2021-05-31T24:00:000Z]

is the only way to manually download the files? I have my snap updated to the most recent version

Hi, there was a long thread regarding the changes to the orbit files source Orbit file timeout (March 2021) - #203 by anab

For the older acquisitions, this problem can be solved by adding parameters.put('orbitType', 'Sentinel Precise (Auto Download)') to search for the precise orbit file.
You can see in the error message that SNAP searched for the AUX_RESORB but restituted orbit files are available only for the latest observations.

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thank you very much! I didn’t see that thread before