Sentinel 1 Preprocessing, Problem with terrain correction

Hi all,

We are working using Sentinel 1 imagery for classification purposes. The problem comes at the Terrain correction stage of this graph:

We used our DEM of the AOI projection set to EPSG27700 (British National Grid)

The tool works but the result is shifted several meters. The parameters selected are:

The results (we can see how those lines representing field boundaries are displaced several meters):

Could anyone help us out?
Thanks a lot in advance!

The product used is:



I too have noticed this shift when trying to project directly to OSGB within SNAP. It doesn’t seem to be product dependant.

Projecting to Auto UTM or WGS84 and then re-projecting to OSGB in GDAL produces the expected result.

Perhaps the OSGB in SNAP is not defined correctly?

I’m not sure if I understood you right, but the DEM must be in WGS84 for Terrain Correction, regardless of the chosen output projection.

I have tried using the SRTM Auto-Download (both 3-sec and 1-sec) and an external DEM in WGS84 to do the Terrain Correction.

When setting the output Map Projection to WGS84 or AutoUTM, the S1 scene is projected as expected. I can even reproject this data to OSGB using GDAL and it remains in the correct location. However, when Terrain Correcting directly to OSGB (EPSG:27700) in SNAP, there seems to be an offset that @msanabria is also experiencing.

Could this have something to do with the Datum?

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Projecting to Auto UTM or WGS84 and then re-projecting to OSGB in GDAL made it work as expected.

Regarding the software, I still do not understand what could be the reason.

Thanks again.

I wonder if “Apply the Earth Gravitational Model” has something to do with the issue.

Digging this thread out, as this issue with EPSG 27700 still occurs in the wild: