Sentinel -1 SLC DEM

Im a new user to SNAP, I downloaded two Sentinel-1 SLC scenes to create DEM from Sentinel-1 two scenes…

Unfortunately while performing S1 Top Coregistration. I am facing an error “GC Overhead limit exceeds” Please tell me what went wrong here

Please have a look at this post, and the steps of creating DEM

Source of the post

this is a memory issue. You need more RAM to compute this task or allow SNAP to use it. Please use the search function of this forum to find many topics related to this error.

Can you please help me to post the system configuration to use Snap.

notes on how to find and modify the config file: S2 export into tiff - NaturalRGB or Falso color infrared RGB

notes on how much to increase the parameter: S1 TOPS Coregistration error - Java heap space error?