Sentinel-1 SNAP processing and GPT processing


I am completely new to SAR processing and I have come across some issues.
I am running batch processing for the S1 SLC product using SNAP. Then I use the output in PolSAR Pro to extract decomposition parameters.

Alternatively, a friend of mine showed me how to use gpt for batch processing and then I used the output from that in PolSAR pro to extract the same parameters.

My problem is the two outputs look very different.

This one is from gpt

This one is from the SNAP batch-processing tool

If you have any suggestions what might be happening, I really appreciate it.

@marpet Could you please help me with this? Thank you in advance.

Sorry, Iā€™m not a SAR expert.
But it will help others if you tell a bit more.
Please show how you invoke gpt and show attach the graph XML file.
And show how you configured the process in the batch processing tool.

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graph1_arset.xml (6.9 KB)
This is the graph I used from the SNAP_graph builder.

This is how I ran the graph.

If anyone could direct me to some materials on how to do this, I really appreciate it.

The objective was to create multiple graphs for each image. I have (I have to change the swath number based on the orbit number). Then parallelize the process in R. I tested with one image and it is giving me the above distorted image.