Sentinel-1 Strip map mode downloading

Hi All
I want to download S1 in strip map mode, however using the Copernicus Open Access Hub get only IW mode results.
my search criteria:
*Sort By: ingestion day
*Order By: descending
*Sensing period/ingestion period: 1 Jan 2016 - today
*Satellite Platform : S1A
*Product Type: GRD
*Polarisation: dual, I have tried HH+HV and VV+VH
*Relative Orbit Number (from 1 to 175): 1 to 175 (also tried to leave it open)
*Collection: left open
Other strange issue: I have to mark the S2 mission also, otherwise the search for S1 ends with no results (“No products found” massage)
Any idea guys?

Hi, Depending on which region you have selected, it is possible that all the acquisitions are from IW mode. In general EW is acquired over the polar regions, IW over other land regions with SM over small islands. If you have a look at the planned acquisitions at you will get an idea of where SM is acquired (the black swaths are SM, red for IW and green for EW).

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Thank you @peter.meadows, you made it clear to me.

Can we order the SM mode over an area?
If Yes will ESA has specific charges for the SM product?

Hi, SM is planned by ESA for small islands and a few other specific places around the world - see the planned acquisitions using the web address above. So it is not possible to ‘order’ SM acquisitions over your site.

Dear Petr,
Thank you very much for your reply

But at this page mentioned that:
SM mode products are only used for small islands and on request for extraordinary events such as emergency management.
So how is it possible to request SM mode in case of extraordinary events?

To my knowledge, this cannot be triggered requested by external users. Conditions for such areas have been defined by a committee responsible for the overall acquisition plan. Sentinel-1- Observation Scenario - Planned Acquisitions - ESA - Sentinel Online