Sentinel 2 acquisition calendar

Is there any Sentinel 2 acquisition calendar just like for landsat 7 or landsat 8 ?
link :

My purpose is to perform a measurement at a spesific location exactly the same time with the Sentinel 2 overpass.

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Hi @fajar_s

You can check the acquisition plan in KML format for the coming days



Thank you for the information.

I checked the page, but some kml link are temporary unavailable.
To estimate the satellite overpass the study area, user must extrapolate from the latest updated schedule.

It would be more convenience if some one could make a longer acquisition calendar. :slight_smile:


You can get information about future acquisitions over an area through either APP or the API. It parses most up to date acquisition plan available for Sentinel-2. No calendar view though, just a timeline.(disclaimer: I co-created it)

Acquisition plan for Sentinel-2 has a longer time span than the one for Landsat-8, so you’ll be able to predict the future a bit more. S2 plan covers 10-15 days while Landsat-8 is around 3 days at most.