Sentinel-2 data analysis with DAS-Tool

Dear SNAP users,

Join us in the multispectral data analysis with the DAS-Tool Community plugin for the Sentinel-2 Toolbox in SNAP !!!

DAS-Tool is a data analysis processor for Sentinel-2 products that enhances the SNAP functionality with a various library of algorithms for feature extraction, feature classification and exploratory visual analysis visualization. DAS-Tool allows users to create semantic maps at an accuracy ranging from pixel to patch level, obtainable in a supervised or unsupervised manner.

Install and test

than give us your feedback here, on the forum, or via email at

We have prepared some demo videos

SNAP - Getting started with DAS-Tool. Installation and pixel based Sentinel 2 data analysis
SNAP - Interactive Sentinel 2 data analysis with DAS-Tool (patch based)

More details on DAS-Tool are available on the project page:

Any issues or questions you might have, we are here to help.

The DAS-Tool Team

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sounds great, thank you for sharing!
I might have missed it in the Youtube video and also didn’t find it in the documentation: Where exactly can we download the nbm plugin file? In the video, it is selected from the desktop at 2:42, but no source for download is given.
Also, I see no download option here:

Hi Andreas,

Very well spotted. There have been a change of plans just before uploading the plugin and we missed updating the videos on YouTube.

To install DAS-Tool, follow the steps bellow:

  1. In the main SNAP menu, go to Tools => Plugins

  2. go to the Settings tab => check the box for Community Plugins.

  3. go to the Available Plugins tab and push for Select for newest

You should see DAS-Tool in the list. Select it and install.

Please be aware that Sentinel-2 Toolbox is required.

thank you, there it is :slight_smile: