Sentinel 2 Data Archive (Copernicus Hub)

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Some of the Sentinel 2 L1 products (located on Iles Eparses) can’t be download on the Copernicus hub ( because these products mostly date from 2018 and even before. I don’t know how I could download these ones. I am able to visualize these products but I can’t download.

Product example: S2B_MSIL1C_20180812T071159_N0206_R020_T38LPM_20180812T104241

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PS: I contacted the support team without any answer at the moment.

Hello @lbertoncini

Yes. Products older than one year are moved to Long Term Archive (LTA). You can click on the download button, and this will initiate the request for retrieval. I’ve not used it, but I understand from others that it doesn’t take long. More here:



S2 MPC Operations Manager

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Thank you Jan,

I already initiated a request for a product, one hour ago, I am waiting for the avaibility of the product. I will probably comment on this post the amount of time necessary for a request (if it could help other users).

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It took a bit more than 2 hours to retrieve the product. The thing is that you can only request a product one after the other, which could become time-consuming if you have a lot of product to download…

You can try to find them in any of the DIAS services:


No worries, @lbertoncini
I agree on the issues with downloading several Tiles, but then you could use the API for that? Or something like



My solution was to move to use the Alaska Satellite Facility instead of the Copernicus Sci-hub.

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There is also a Google mirror of L1 products: