Sentinel-2 data download file too large

Anyone please tell me how to avoid downloading all the files of Sentinel-2 data. It is so huge! 6 GB etc. and fails midway to download. I think there should be some way to download selective files.

You can access singe files at:

For more info about the service and the data structure see:

And if you want to download only certain tiles, then you could use the following Python script:


Also, if you use a download manager like DownloadThemAll on firefox, it will continue where it left off if it loses the connection.

Go to the link:
Click to your target area
Select the data set: Sentinel-2 and download
or Go to the link:
You can browse through the contents of the Sentinel-2 Amazon Public Data set via the Sentinel Image browser.
You can down load the band which you want, not necessarily to download the entire image as above.