Sentinel 2 data from Amazon AWS!


I am wondering about the publicly available Sentinel 2 data in AWS. Since the data structure is different from ESA SAFE data format, my question is how I can preprocess (conversion and radiometric correction) the imageries in absence of the ‘MTD_MSIL1C’ file?

Hello Adballa,

For the reason you pointed out, plus a different folder structure, one cannot run Sen2Cor on S2 data from AWS.
I it is possible to process these data applying solutions implemented in sen2Cor using in-house developed scripts and downloading missing metadata… but to be honest I do not see a reason in doing so, when there is a well defined and user friendly processing environment.
I know that some people sometimes still use remote sensing data without any preprocessing (atmospheric and topographic corrections), but imho quality of such analyses could/should be put in question.

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Actually Sen2Cor can be run on the AWS S2 data.
Please take a look at this tools which has been developed for serving this purpose.
I have been using it many times (including with Sen2Cor) and it is ok.
Have you any questions, please send me an email.


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Dear Cosmin,

Thank you for shearing this link to the tool. I found it very interesting, and I look forward to test it.

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Thanks, Katarzyna and Cosmin for your help. I will test the tool.


Thank you so much for giving us a informative concept. I do admire the effort and eager to know more.

Hi Abdella,
Please, do you have any solution for that issue? I have the same problem.